TextGRAB SDK 3.0 released

TextGRAB SDK 3.0 includes a lot of improvements.

New features in TextGRAB SDK 3.0:

  • Support of 64-bit systems. Now you can use TextGRAB SDK for capturing text on x64 operating systems (Windows XP x64, Windows Vista x64).
  • Capturing text from desktop Java applications.
  • Using multiple TextGRAB SDK instances. Now it is possible to create and use multiple instances of TextGRAB SDK within one application or in different applications.
  • Capturing text snapshot. This allows retrieving the list of text items in specified window. For each item it is possible to obtain its coordinates, text, colours, font, etc.
  • Increased performance.

New functions in TextGRAB SDK 3.0:

  • New function for setting capture timeout.
  • New function for capturing text string.

TextGRAB SDK 3.0 also includes improved documentation and examples.


TextGRAB SDK homepage:


Download TextGRAB SDK 3.0: