TextGRAB SDK Documentation | ITextGRABSDK interface

This interface enables application to perform text capturing operations.

General methods and properties.
method RegisterSelectionNotify Registers the notification receiver window
method EnableSelection Enables built-in mouse selection tool.
method SetLicense Setup the license key and user name.
method GetSelection Retrieves the last selected window handle and rectangle in screen coordinates.
method CaptureFromSelection Captures the text from target window within target rectangle.
method CapturePassword Captures the password in the target screen point.
method CaptureFromHWND Captures formatted text from target window.
method ForceStartSelection Activates selection tool forcedly.
method SetupHotkey Setups the hot key for capture tool activation.
method SetupHotkeyEx Setups the hot key for capture tool activation.
method CaptureTextSnapshot Capture the text snapshot from the target window.
method CaptureString Captures string text from window at point.
method SetCaptureTimeout Setups the capture timeout process.
method CaptureFontInfo Captures the text font
method GetHardwareID Returns the unique hardware identifier
method GetTrialInfo Return the total and left days of trial

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