TextGRAB SDK Documentation | ITextGRABSDK::CapturePassword

Captures the password in the target screen point.

HRESULT CapturePassword(

INT_PTR hwndTarget,
tagPOINT ptScreen,
BSTR* pwd


[Visual Basic]

ByVal hwndTarget As INT_PTR,
ByVal ptScreen As tagPOINT,
ByRef pwd As String


void ITextGRABSDK.CapturePassword(

INT_PTR hwndTarget,
tagPOINT ptScreen,
ref string pwd



[in] target window handle.
[in] target point screen coordinates.
[out] captured password.

Return Value(s)


Return Value(s) Definitions
S_OK (0x00000000) Operation was completed successfully.
E_FAIL (0x80004005) Error.
E_INVALIDARG (0x80070057) The hwnd parameter is not a valid window handle.
S_FALSE (0x00000001) The password could not be captured. Empty string was returned.
E_POINTER (0x80004003) The pwd parameter is NULL.
FAILED(hr) Appropriate error message.

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